Lirik dan Chord Lagu That Was Yesterday

JAKARTA, – Foreigner merupakan grup band rock asal Amerika Serikat yang membawakan lagu berjudul “That Was Yesterday”.

Lagu berdurasi 3 menit 46 detik ini dirilis pada tahun 1984 melalui label Atlantic Records.

“That Was Yesterday” dimuat dalam album studio kelima mereka yang bertajuk Agent Provocateur.

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Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu “That Was Yesterday” dari Foreigner.


[Intro] (x2)

Am F C G

[Verse 1]
Am              F
I thought I knew you well
       C                              G
But all this time I could never tell
Am          F                              C                    G
I let you get away haunts me every night & every day

Am F C G
Am F C G

[Verse 2]
Am                 F                   C                   G
You were the only one the only friend I counted on
Am                               F
How could I watch you walk away
             C                                 G
I’d give anything to have you here today

       Bm               G                    D   A          Bm
But now I stand alone with my pride and dream
                   G               D   A
That you’re still by my side but that was



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