Lirik dan Chord Lagu Perfect Black

JAKARTA, – “Perfect Black” dipopulerkan oleh Direct Hit! yang rilis pada 26 Oktober 2018.

Lagu tersebut menjadi trek kelima dari 14 lagu dalam album yang bertajuk Crown of Nothing.

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Berikut lirik dan chord lagu “Perfect Black” dari Direct Hit!:

[Verse 1]
E                                              A                                     B
Here we stare at perfect black, taking time for once to glimpse the other side
E                                           A                                          B
Swallow once, feel infinite – Swallow twice, and sink forever through your mind
A                        E                    A                  B
Wrapped up in meaning, it’s easy to ignore all the facts of the abyss
A                  E                 F#                  B
Time, space and consciousness make it so scratching that itch is a kiss

We need it
We feel it
A                        B
Just speak it, and drink it
You need it
We feel it
A                                  B
Just speak it, and drink it

[Verse 2]
Open eyes mean streaming tears
When you stare at forever it’s bigger than you feared
A                   E
Admitting pointless is a pill
A                 B
Easy cure for pressure, keeps the edge off it
A                         E
Not forever but now it’s time to rise from the dirt
F#                                   B
Ascend to your place where at least you can’t hurt

E                A
Reaching out, your hands grip nothing
F#                B
And there’s no ground beneath to catch your body
E                   A
Floating in that half-dead state of timelessness
F                                           # B
Nothing keeps you satisfied like silence

You need it
We feel it
A                         B
Just speak it, and drink it

Need help comprehending relief?
A                              B
Yeah it’s tempting, a cheap consolation for heaven it may be
But I’ve seen the light
B                     E
It’s darker than velvet inside this crypt where you can’t tell the difference
C#m                B
I’ve seen the light, so bright I’ve been blinded
Inside this crypt of predictable excess
F#                  E
Expanding your mind to unknown perception’s your only way out

So let’s face it together
F#                                      B
Expanding your mind by burning the body, the bones, the ashes to nothing


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