Lirik dan Chord Lagu One and Done

JAKARTA, – Grup band rock indie asal Amerika Serikat, Bright Eyes melantunkan lagu berjudul “One and Done” pada tahun 2020.

Lagu berdurasi 4 menit 53 detik ini diciptakan oleh Conor Oberst (vokalis) dan dirilis melalui label Dead Oceans Records.

“One and Done” merupakan bagian dari album studio ke-10 band yang bertajuk Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was.

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Berikut ini lirik dan chord lagu “One and Done” dari Bright Eyes.


Bdim x23x3x
Adim x0121x

[Verse 1]
Dm                                          C
My old pal looks shaky with a cigarette in his hand
Dm                                               G                       E
Salt and pepper sprinkled on his face and on his head
           Am                                           C
Looks like he might start crying is it something that i said?
                   Bdim                    E     E7
Let’s take a walk around the block
this fleeting feeling is infinite

[Verse 2]
Dm                                                            C
Around here we’ve been wondering what tomorrow’s going to sing
             Dm                                         G                  E7
On the final field recording from the loud anthropocene
                      Am                  G                        C
I’ve seen the sparkle of the diamonds on the watch of the emcee
C                       Bdim          E E7 Am
It’s not keeping time, Just shining


F                                               C
It’s not the first time you said “One and done
And oh my god
Oh my god
F                                            C
Stood in your prom dress all covered in blood
                 Dm                 Em     E7    Am
What you sacrificed will never be enough




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