Chris Evans accidentally LEAKS a photo of his ‘package’ and causes social media meltdown

Chris Evans accidentally leaked an NSFW photo on his Instagram Stories. This piece is merely a mode to know what happened. We request you to respect his privacy and not go about hunting the photo.

It hasn’t been long since Chris Evans made his Instagram debut. The Avengers: Endgame star debuted on the platform during the lockdown. He had previously revealed that he was going to use the platform to flood us with photos of his adorable dog. However, the actor left the world in shock with he posted an NSFW photo on his Instagram Stories and caused a social media platform. The Avengers: Endgame actor posted a bare it all photo in a now-deleted story. 

According to Daily Mail, the Captain America star shared a short video where he and his friends were playing Heads Up. The innocent share ended with a glimpse of the actor’s phone camera roll. The roll gave a close look at his “package”. In another picture from the grid, a headshot of Chris with the words “Guard That P***y” written over it was seen. 

Although the episode has caused a wave on social media, leave Chris trending on Twitter, we request readers to refrain themselves from hunting the photos and respecting his privacy. The innocent accident could have happened with anyone and just like you would want your accident to be brushed off under the carpet, Chris would want to move past the episode as well. 

That said, Twitter came bearing jokes, like always! Several fans presented the best of memes and jokes. 

On the work front, Chris was in the news for his series, Defending Jacob. The actor also signed The Gray Man this year. He shares the screen with Ryan Gosling. The Avengers actor will be reuniting with director duo Russo Brothers. 

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