Beyoncé Gives $1 Million To Black Businesses For Her B-Day

This year, Beyoncé is sharing her B-Day joy with others. The now-39-year-old benevolent queen was “proud” to donate an additional $1 million “to help Black-owned small businesses” through her Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund.

Together with the NAACP and her organization BeyGOOD, Beyoncé first opened the fund in July. Round one saw 20 businesses, ranging from barbershops to bakeries to boutiques, receive funding. The recipients can all be found on her website. Beyoncé adds $1M to help Black-owned small businesses. In addition to her BeyGOOD initiative with the NAACP, she donated $6 million to mental-health organizations back in April. During the pandemic, she has also shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement, released the visual album Black Is King, and managed to remember a lot of celebrity birthdays. (Well, someone remembers them and posts on her website.)






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